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How An SEO Increases Google Ranking Through PageRank

Posting links on other higher websites is still the main focus used to improve a website. Until now, this is still an important key to the success of a website appearing on Google. That’s why we need to need some learning about PageRank.

PageRank is still a debate for most of the people because it has a different meaning than it really is. PageRank is often defined as Google Ranking or Google Ranking because of the name PageRank itself. But actually Page Rank does not mean current Ranking on the Google search engine but rather Goole’s assessment of the Website.

Since this PageRank was created there have been a lot of people who have started to sell and buy Quality Links which can certainly increase the ranking of our website. This activity lasted a very long time until 2014 and after that Google started updating their Algorithm. Finally, in 2016, the use of PageRank began to be removed by Google itself.

History Of PageRank

PageRank was designed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 as just their project at Stanford University. Then they began to be patented when filed on September 1, 1998. Since then, PageRank has become the algorithm used by Google to calculate the importance of a Website in a ranking.

1 Year later, Google started making a toolbar that was useful as a place to view the PageRank Score of a Website. And at that very moment everyone started competing to raise their PageRank Score in their various ways. There are various ways to do it, including cheating for PageRank manipulation.

Since then, PageRank can no longer be used as a guarantee for a website to rank high in Google Search. Actually, it is not only the factor of the amount of fraud, but there are also those who try to spam links on various websites to increase their PageRank. Even though it is no longer a demand in Google ranking, methods such as posting links and several other things to increase PageRank are still used.

How To Understanding PageRank?

You can do various ways to increase the Pagerank value, but of course in the right and proper way. There are several ways that allow the assessment to be bad, such as the number of Spam Links to Pornographic Websites, Websites that do not fit the theme or that are negative.

PageRank has the meaning of Value or Points given by Google for your Website. From this point, it will be your website’s level assessment whether you can enter the Search Ranking or not. To get this PageRank Value, you can do what is called planting links to other websites or you can also provide articles that are very relevant to your theme.

In addition, the articles that you provide on the Website cannot be arbitrary in the sense that you cannot Copy Paste from other people’s websites. Google PageRank is the foundation that must be passed by an SEO so that the website that he manages can be the best than other websites.

How to Increase Google Ranking

After knowing what PageRank is and how to increase it, you also need to know How to increase Google Ranking. To increase Google rankings will not be the same as increasing PageRank because this is related to words that people often search for in Google searches. One example of “Online Clothes”, of course, the word is often searched for on Google.

The word “Online Clothes” will have at least thousands of searches every day and the job of an SEO is to increase their website’s Rank on that word. The higher your ranking, the bigger your website will be entered by people and certainly beneficial for those website voters. There are several ways to increase this Google Ranking, here are some of them:

  1. Posting Links on Other Websites
    This method is actually quite easy, that is, you must cooperate with the website owner in the same field. You can put your Website Link to him and of course from there you can get special value from Google. It would be better if you put it on a clean and appropriate website.
  2. Installing Quality Articles without Copy Paste
    Articles are indispensable for a website to rank up and here you can try typing the articles yourself. Customize articles with the theme of your website with a minimum of 300-700 words per article. Good articles will be read by Google Robot and later if he thinks it is appropriate then he will improve your website.
  3. Installing Internal Links
    Internal link is a self-owned link to an article or post on your website. There must be at least 1 Internal Link in each article which will make it easier for Google to read it later. Internal links should not be exchanged too much because later it will add value to Spam Website.

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