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Meaning and Easy Tips for Beginners to Understand PageRank

For SEO beginners, of course, you must first before starting to optimize their website. One of them is PageRank, which is an initial lesson for beginners and experienced SEOs alike.

Why? of course we will explain it little by little in this one article and even provide tips for you. We do provide tips but cannot ensure that these tips will run smoothly, this is because Google is always updating their Algorithm every month. Each Algorithm will have changes for how to increase Rank or the like.

In the early days, PageRank was patented with the principle that links from Webiste became a trust. So, suppose you, as a website owner, put a lot of links to another website, the website will be more trusted. The more, the more likely the PageRank value you will get.

Know the Meaning of Page-Rank

Page Rank is a patented Algorithm designation to determine which website is more important and higher than other websites. Page Rank is arguably the main feature of the google search engine which of course was created by Google itself, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page Rank usually provides the value of the website that you create to show how good the website you are making.

In posting your link you also cannot be arbitrary in the meaning that there are provisions that you must obey right away. One of them is the Website with which you link is not a Spam, Pornography or the like Website. It would be better if you put a link on a website that has always been trusted and of course with clean content.

There are several factors that affect PageRank, for example Anchor Text or it can be called keywords and of course Internal Links. Anchor Text is the word that you focus on in increasing the Page Rank. Suppose you focus on the Anchor Text “Soccer Shirt” then later you have to focus on increasing the Page Rank with the Anchor. Actually, Google’s Algorithm used to focus on Anchor Text in the sense that the more links that are installed in the Anchor Text, the more likely it is that your website will go up. But you also have to know that Google is always updating their Page Rank.

Then Internal Link, this is also one of the factors that affect Page Rank. Internal link is a link that connects two pages or articles on the same website. For example, if you contact Article A with Article B using a link, it is called an Internal Link. Until now, Internal Links are still used as an important factor for websites to appear on Google searches.

Understand Google Page Rank

If you are a beginner who wants to understand Google Page Rank, then you are obliged to read the article that we will provide. What exactly is Google Page Rank? In short, Page Rank is a website level that will appear every time you search for a word on Google. Google will usually make Rankings from Most Relevant to Average for each word you search for.

Page Rank will generally assess whether a website has quality in terms of good content and material or not. Suppose the website has a football shirt theme, Google will assess whether the website has content in accordance with the theme provided. The more quality the Website with the desired theme, the greater Google’s confidence in increasing the value of your website.

Perhitungan Page Rank

Technically, Google Page Rank does not have a definite way of increasing it and will always be updated by Google itself. However, there are several factors that you can use to be able to increase your PageRank and one of them is a Revelant Link, which can be linked to other websites or can be called a Backlink.

Simply put, if you put a link on a website that is high, it is likely that your website will also go up. In installing Backlinks, you also cannot be arbitrary because the website that is paired later must also be in accordance with the theme used on your website.

Apart from backlinks, several other points must also be considered in order to increase Page Rank, namely understanding SEO or Optimization, the power of Social Media, various types of comments and traffic from visitors to your website pages. Traffic here also applies to how long it takes visitors to enter your site. For those of you who are still beginners in building a website in business or other matters.

You can just hire SEO services that are very popular these days. But for beginners who want to learn too, you can try to improve your website with the ones we mentioned above such as installing backlinks, optimizing the website as best as possible and looking for traffic by sharing links on today’s social media.

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