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How To Get Ranking On Google

The success of an online business certainly cannot be far from internet search engines such as Google. There are actually several other determinants but most of them are instantaneous in the sense of using money to raise them. Instant here also cannot fully make your website successful.

The meaning of the word not far from search engines is if you have a website and can be the first ranking website, it is not difficult for you to get traffic. Almost all bloggers or website owners know how important it is to increase their Google ranking. Some of them will try themselves in managing SEO and some of them will of course use SEO services as their helpers.

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization in the sense that you as SEO are obliged to find ways to optimize their website’s google ranking. These SEO players will certainly be competing in pursuing the first ranking as their target. The essence of SEO is to find out how to increase website traffic.

Google Search Search Results

Our research proves that a large number of people are looking for their item or interest by typing a word instead of a complete link from a website. By searching for a word on Google, dozens of websites will appear and all in order of ranking.

For example, here you want to search for clothes online and at that moment you open a google search with the word “Online Clothes”. By searching for these words you will see more than 10 websites or links that point to online clothes. This ranking will be determined by the Google System where they will look for websites that are quite relevant to the word being searched for. The order of rank is similar to advancement where Ranks 1-10 are the best and the rest are not very relevant.

Actually there are also several ways that you can use to instantly make your website go up. One of them is Google Ads or advertising on Google. This method will certainly drain your finances where each click will be given a price that needs to be paid.

Steps to Get Ranking On Google

Here we will provide some Beginner Steps in order to get Ranking on Google. Please also understand that this step can only be an encouragement for you and not directly able to make you achieve the desired goal. Here are some steps to increase your Website to Google Ranking:

  • Get to know PageRank
    PageRank is a calculation of points from 1 to 10 that Google used to assess the feasibility of a website. PageRank has been a determinant of whether a Website can enter one rank or not. Even though it is not really needed anymore, PageRank still has to be passed first before moving on to the next step.
  • Prioritizing Original Traffic
    As we know that now there are 2 types of traffic coming to your website. The first is of course Genuine Traffic from people and the second from robots. The way to get it is by publishing quality content on the website regularly.
  • Website Must Be Mobile Friendly
    Google has official data that more than 60% of all searches now come from Mobile. Because of that, Google officially states that websites that do not have a Mobile Friendly appearance will be very difficult to rank Google. Then how do you find out whether your website is mobile friendly or not? Try it with the features that Google has provided. Google provides a feature called the Google Mobile Friendly Test which you can access online and for free.
  • Doing Keyword Research
    Thorough research on a keyword should be the first step for SEO players. You need to know what keywords are often searched for and used according to the theme of your website. To be more effective, Google has provided a useful and of course free tool or feature, namely the Google Keyword Planner. Through this Keyword Planner, it is ensured that you will get quality keywords that you can use.
  • Installing the link correctly
    There are two types of links, namely Internal Links and External Links, try to include both links with correct and original placement. Internal links are links that lead to your own website page, while External links are links that are posted on other websites to enter your website address. For internal purposes, a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 internal links will be used. Meanwhile, the more External, the better, as long as the website that you link to is not wrong.

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