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Before going further, we want to tell you a little that PageRank is not the same as ranking results on Google. Many may think that Page Rank is almost the same as increasing your ranking in the Google search engine, but actually that is wrong.

Page Rank can be interpreted as the value that Google provides for the Website itself. Page Rank is in the form of a small bar in which there is a green color as an indicator of the value of our website. The less green, the higher the PR of the website.

You can see the Page Rank by passing the PageRank Add-On from your Mozilla Browser. PageRank can be one of the hundreds of factors that Google uses in ranking a website. The higher the PageRank, the more likely the website will rank well on Google. Page rank is a rating system (between 1 – 10) created by the founder of Google to give a rating of how high a website is. The higher the value of your website, it means that the quality is also good in the eyes of Google.

Then, What is PageRank?

In simple terms, this assessment is based on the popularity or failure of your website on the Google search engine. The way to increase it is of course by placing a link on another website that is higher than your website.

That is almost all SEO websites will compete to increase the PageRank of their respective websites. One of the most common ways of course is by link building or posting links on other web sites. Link quality is also very influential for our website to go up or not. Apart from link building, there are also several ways that are actually complementary to an SEO to increase their website’s Page Rank, namely as follows:

  1. Create a Profile and Update Context on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Other Social Media
  2. Increase traffic by following today’s trending topics
  3. Buying a website again as a place to put links and supports to keep the main website strong

Apart from the above, there are also a lot of ways for an SEO to increase Page Rank and it depends on their respective thoughts. Every SEO always has their own way of improving a website and from some of these ways there will definitely be a way that will work later.

Page Rank Website Page Ranking System

PageRank is not interpreted as the Ranking given by Google to your Website but as the value of whether your website is entitled to enter or not in the Google Rank. PageRank is more focused on assessing the articles or summaries that you post on your website and if they think they are good then there will be points given for each article.

The higher the value assigned by PageRank, the higher the authority of the Link. Simply put, the Pagerank algorithm is a way to measure the importance of your website pages by analyzing the quantity and quality of links or posts on the website itself.

Apart from links, anchor text and internal link factors can also affect PageRank as well. Anchor Text seems to have been an important factor where you can get a PageRank Score just by shooting Anchor Text with your website link. Then, internal links also affect this page rank. Internal links are links that will later be installed to connect Article 1 with other articles.

PageRank will judge by giving each website a score from 0 for lowest to 10 for highest. As for checking this PageRank, you can use the Toolbar on your browser extension or there are also several websites that provide PageRank checks. PageRank scores with a value of 0 are usually of fairly low quality and of course you can improve them.

PageRank score actually cannot be a benchmark whether your website can rise in the Google Ranking. But that does not mean that PageRank is useless because it can be said that PageRank is the starting way for SEOs to increase their Google Ranking.

How Google PageRank Works

PageRank is the initial algorithm for finding out a credible Website by the number or score later. At the beginning of the first proposed, PageRank did have the principle that the link of a website acts as a trust. So, the more links that lead to other websites.

The number of links posted can also affect the PageRank rank. The most correct example is that you provide a link from a website that has a high PageRank, so that makes your website also high. Every 3 months Google will update the algorithm of their PageRank assessment, every time that update there will also be a shift in Points.

It could be that those of you who used to have high scores become down because of this update from Google and at that time you have to perform maintenance on your website immediately. Google updates are often not what SEOs expect because they also have to change the flow they used to manage the Website.

Based on the information we have received, Google Updates usually only make slight changes to how to increase the PageRank value. In the past, you could increase your PageRank by simply placing as many links as possible on other websites. But now it can’t anymore and instead becomes SPAM or a bad rating on your website.

Now you will more often find SEOs who place links only once or twice on the same website. And after that they will do it again on other websites which are of course already relevant to the theme of their website.

The conclusion is the more websites you plant or link, the higher the PageRank points you can get. We always advise beginners to try to increase the PageRank as best as possible by posting a link before entering other criteria of SEO.

The criteria are sharing your website link on Modern Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and several other social media. In addition there are lots of other ways that are used to increase SEO and it all also depends on the SEO itself.

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