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How To Get Ranking On Google

The success of an online business certainly cannot be far from internet search engines such as Google. There are actually several other determinants but most of them are instantaneous in the sense of using money to raise them. Instant here also cannot fully make your website successful.

The meaning of the word not far from search engines is if you have a website and can be the first ranking website, it is not difficult for you to get traffic. Almost all bloggers or website owners know how important it is to increase their Google ranking. Some of them will try themselves in managing SEO and some of them will of course use SEO services as their helpers.

What is SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization in the sense that you as SEO are obliged to find ways to optimize their website’s google ranking. These SEO players will certainly be competing in pursuing the first ranking as their target. The essence of SEO is to find out how to increase website traffic.

Google Search Search Results

Our research proves that a large number of people are looking for their item or interest by typing a word instead of a complete link from a website. By searching for a word on Google, dozens of websites will appear and all in order of ranking.

For example, here you want to search for clothes online and at that moment you open a google search with the word “Online Clothes”. By searching for these words you will see more than 10 websites or links that point to online clothes. This ranking will be determined by the Google System where they will look for websites that are quite relevant to the word being searched for. The order of rank is similar to advancement where Ranks 1-10 are the best and the rest are not very relevant.

Actually there are also several ways that you can use to instantly make your website go up. One of them is Google Ads or advertising on Google. This method will certainly drain your finances where each click will be given a price that needs to be paid.

Steps to Get Ranking On Google

Here we will provide some Beginner Steps in order to get Ranking on Google. Please also understand that this step can only be an encouragement for you and not directly able to make you achieve the desired goal. Here are some steps to increase your Website to Google Ranking:

  • Get to know PageRank
    PageRank is a calculation of points from 1 to 10 that Google used to assess the feasibility of a website. PageRank has been a determinant of whether a Website can enter one rank or not. Even though it is not really needed anymore, PageRank still has to be passed first before moving on to the next step.
  • Prioritizing Original Traffic
    As we know that now there are 2 types of traffic coming to your website. The first is of course Genuine Traffic from people and the second from robots. The way to get it is by publishing quality content on the website regularly.
  • Website Must Be Mobile Friendly
    Google has official data that more than 60% of all searches now come from Mobile. Because of that, Google officially states that websites that do not have a Mobile Friendly appearance will be very difficult to rank Google. Then how do you find out whether your website is mobile friendly or not? Try it with the features that Google has provided. Google provides a feature called the Google Mobile Friendly Test which you can access online and for free.
  • Doing Keyword Research
    Thorough research on a keyword should be the first step for SEO players. You need to know what keywords are often searched for and used according to the theme of your website. To be more effective, Google has provided a useful and of course free tool or feature, namely the Google Keyword Planner. Through this Keyword Planner, it is ensured that you will get quality keywords that you can use.
  • Installing the link correctly
    There are two types of links, namely Internal Links and External Links, try to include both links with correct and original placement. Internal links are links that lead to your own website page, while External links are links that are posted on other websites to enter your website address. For internal purposes, a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 3 internal links will be used. Meanwhile, the more External, the better, as long as the website that you link to is not wrong.

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How An SEO Increases Google Ranking Through PageRank

Posting links on other higher websites is still the main focus used to improve a website. Until now, this is still an important key to the success of a website appearing on Google. That’s why we need to need some learning about PageRank.

PageRank is still a debate for most of the people because it has a different meaning than it really is. PageRank is often defined as Google Ranking or Google Ranking because of the name PageRank itself. But actually Page Rank does not mean current Ranking on the Google search engine but rather Goole’s assessment of the Website.

Since this PageRank was created there have been a lot of people who have started to sell and buy Quality Links which can certainly increase the ranking of our website. This activity lasted a very long time until 2014 and after that Google started updating their Algorithm. Finally, in 2016, the use of PageRank began to be removed by Google itself.

History Of PageRank

PageRank was designed by Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998 as just their project at Stanford University. Then they began to be patented when filed on September 1, 1998. Since then, PageRank has become the algorithm used by Google to calculate the importance of a Website in a ranking.

1 Year later, Google started making a toolbar that was useful as a place to view the PageRank Score of a Website. And at that very moment everyone started competing to raise their PageRank Score in their various ways. There are various ways to do it, including cheating for PageRank manipulation.

Since then, PageRank can no longer be used as a guarantee for a website to rank high in Google Search. Actually, it is not only the factor of the amount of fraud, but there are also those who try to spam links on various websites to increase their PageRank. Even though it is no longer a demand in Google ranking, methods such as posting links and several other things to increase PageRank are still used.

How To Understanding PageRank?

You can do various ways to increase the Pagerank value, but of course in the right and proper way. There are several ways that allow the assessment to be bad, such as the number of Spam Links to Pornographic Websites, Websites that do not fit the theme or that are negative.

PageRank has the meaning of Value or Points given by Google for your Website. From this point, it will be your website’s level assessment whether you can enter the Search Ranking or not. To get this PageRank Value, you can do what is called planting links to other websites or you can also provide articles that are very relevant to your theme.

In addition, the articles that you provide on the Website cannot be arbitrary in the sense that you cannot Copy Paste from other people’s websites. Google PageRank is the foundation that must be passed by an SEO so that the website that he manages can be the best than other websites.

How to Increase Google Ranking

After knowing what PageRank is and how to increase it, you also need to know How to increase Google Ranking. To increase Google rankings will not be the same as increasing PageRank because this is related to words that people often search for in Google searches. One example of “Online Clothes”, of course, the word is often searched for on Google.

The word “Online Clothes” will have at least thousands of searches every day and the job of an SEO is to increase their website’s Rank on that word. The higher your ranking, the bigger your website will be entered by people and certainly beneficial for those website voters. There are several ways to increase this Google Ranking, here are some of them:

  1. Posting Links on Other Websites
    This method is actually quite easy, that is, you must cooperate with the website owner in the same field. You can put your Website Link to him and of course from there you can get special value from Google. It would be better if you put it on a clean and appropriate website.
  2. Installing Quality Articles without Copy Paste
    Articles are indispensable for a website to rank up and here you can try typing the articles yourself. Customize articles with the theme of your website with a minimum of 300-700 words per article. Good articles will be read by Google Robot and later if he thinks it is appropriate then he will improve your website.
  3. Installing Internal Links
    Internal link is a self-owned link to an article or post on your website. There must be at least 1 Internal Link in each article which will make it easier for Google to read it later. Internal links should not be exchanged too much because later it will add value to Spam Website.

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SEO term in PageRank

Before going further, we want to tell you a little that PageRank is not the same as ranking results on Google. Many may think that Page Rank is almost the same as increasing your ranking in the Google search engine, but actually that is wrong.

Page Rank can be interpreted as the value that Google provides for the Website itself. Page Rank is in the form of a small bar in which there is a green color as an indicator of the value of our website. The less green, the higher the PR of the website.

You can see the Page Rank by passing the PageRank Add-On from your Mozilla Browser. PageRank can be one of the hundreds of factors that Google uses in ranking a website. The higher the PageRank, the more likely the website will rank well on Google. Page rank is a rating system (between 1 – 10) created by the founder of Google to give a rating of how high a website is. The higher the value of your website, it means that the quality is also good in the eyes of Google.

Then, What is PageRank?

In simple terms, this assessment is based on the popularity or failure of your website on the Google search engine. The way to increase it is of course by placing a link on another website that is higher than your website.

That is almost all SEO websites will compete to increase the PageRank of their respective websites. One of the most common ways of course is by link building or posting links on other web sites. Link quality is also very influential for our website to go up or not. Apart from link building, there are also several ways that are actually complementary to an SEO to increase their website’s Page Rank, namely as follows:

  1. Create a Profile and Update Context on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Other Social Media
  2. Increase traffic by following today’s trending topics
  3. Buying a website again as a place to put links and supports to keep the main website strong

Apart from the above, there are also a lot of ways for an SEO to increase Page Rank and it depends on their respective thoughts. Every SEO always has their own way of improving a website and from some of these ways there will definitely be a way that will work later.

Page Rank Website Page Ranking System

PageRank is not interpreted as the Ranking given by Google to your Website but as the value of whether your website is entitled to enter or not in the Google Rank. PageRank is more focused on assessing the articles or summaries that you post on your website and if they think they are good then there will be points given for each article.

The higher the value assigned by PageRank, the higher the authority of the Link. Simply put, the Pagerank algorithm is a way to measure the importance of your website pages by analyzing the quantity and quality of links or posts on the website itself.

Apart from links, anchor text and internal link factors can also affect PageRank as well. Anchor Text seems to have been an important factor where you can get a PageRank Score just by shooting Anchor Text with your website link. Then, internal links also affect this page rank. Internal links are links that will later be installed to connect Article 1 with other articles.

PageRank will judge by giving each website a score from 0 for lowest to 10 for highest. As for checking this PageRank, you can use the Toolbar on your browser extension or there are also several websites that provide PageRank checks. PageRank scores with a value of 0 are usually of fairly low quality and of course you can improve them.

PageRank score actually cannot be a benchmark whether your website can rise in the Google Ranking. But that does not mean that PageRank is useless because it can be said that PageRank is the starting way for SEOs to increase their Google Ranking.

How Google PageRank Works

PageRank is the initial algorithm for finding out a credible Website by the number or score later. At the beginning of the first proposed, PageRank did have the principle that the link of a website acts as a trust. So, the more links that lead to other websites.

The number of links posted can also affect the PageRank rank. The most correct example is that you provide a link from a website that has a high PageRank, so that makes your website also high. Every 3 months Google will update the algorithm of their PageRank assessment, every time that update there will also be a shift in Points.

It could be that those of you who used to have high scores become down because of this update from Google and at that time you have to perform maintenance on your website immediately. Google updates are often not what SEOs expect because they also have to change the flow they used to manage the Website.

Based on the information we have received, Google Updates usually only make slight changes to how to increase the PageRank value. In the past, you could increase your PageRank by simply placing as many links as possible on other websites. But now it can’t anymore and instead becomes SPAM or a bad rating on your website.

Now you will more often find SEOs who place links only once or twice on the same website. And after that they will do it again on other websites which are of course already relevant to the theme of their website.

The conclusion is the more websites you plant or link, the higher the PageRank points you can get. We always advise beginners to try to increase the PageRank as best as possible by posting a link before entering other criteria of SEO.

The criteria are sharing your website link on Modern Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and several other social media. In addition there are lots of other ways that are used to increase SEO and it all also depends on the SEO itself.

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Website Always Requires Friendly Articles

A blog or a website certainly requires articles that are uploaded regularly every day. The uploaded article is certainly not taken carelessly or posted. Articles of course must be of high quality and in accordance with the theme of the website so that the value of SEO is Friendly and Friendly.

Actually, there are several plugins to help you manage SEO on your blog, but plugins are certainly not enough. To increase Page Rank on Gooogle you also need to have good articles which will certainly appear in Google Search.

Why bother writing SEO Friendly articles? Why not just an ordinary article? The answer is that the more friendly your article is, the easier it is to reach the desired Page Rank in Google. The more often your articles are at Page Rank Number 1, the greater the quality of the Blog or Website that you manage. Of course this applies if there is a lot of traffic or people who read your article.

So, when was Google PageRank achieved?

You can actually type good articles without SEO, but it can’t be guaranteed if your website is running or going up. Simply put, without optimization in the field of SEO, the website will not run as desired. Google has a standard for ranking your articles in search results. Given how important an article appears first in search.

Summarizing and wording is the first thing that really helps to improve your article. The best advice is that you can try reading the First Article of the searches you want to increase and try to think of a better word than the article.

Google performs a Page Rank update and performs a regular system update every 3 or 4 months. In that period, trying to make changes to the website or blog article looked even more attractive. Next is to keep looking for or doing Follow Links on other webs that are active in accordance with the Niche you choose. Finally, of course, you must update or post articles regularly containing fresh content.

So does your website want Google to see you? So be diligent in posting and always updating news around the Google Algorithm.

When is the Website Successful in Google PageRank? For when it cannot be ascertained because Google always updates every 3 months. Your website can be chosen if at that time you perform optimization according to the Google algorithm, but no one can confirm this. You could say that the success of a website cannot be obtained easily and only from luck.

The Success of A Website In Google Page Rank

Most people would think that Google Page Rank will be very difficult to penetrate. This can be said to be true or not, depending on the level of desire of a website manager. The point is that the more the person’s intention is to try and find out, the higher the chances of him or her being able to raise their website.

In increasing Google Page Rank, nothing is instant and everything is mandatory from low to high levels. If you want it fast then you can try using Google Adword which is of course paid and in this case there is also a chance of acceptance or not.

In the assessment, Google no longer uses its employees or can be called humans as judges, but rather a system or robot. This system is what we will have to fight in optimizing the website that we run later. For example, the system now wants the most Website Links to go up, so immediately you should be able to try to increase the website by posting links to other websites. You can actually try various ways to increase your Page Rank and if you are lucky, one of these ways can make your website go up.

So, do you want the website that is managed to be popular? So there are several things you have to learn such as SEO, increasing traffic, social media and even what you can increase with the website. Actually there are people who provide SEO services or other services to help your website. But that does not mean by hiring these services your website can go up because it all depends on the luck of your own website.

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Meaning and Easy Tips for Beginners to Understand PageRank

For SEO beginners, of course, you must first before starting to optimize their website. One of them is PageRank, which is an initial lesson for beginners and experienced SEOs alike.

Why? of course we will explain it little by little in this one article and even provide tips for you. We do provide tips but cannot ensure that these tips will run smoothly, this is because Google is always updating their Algorithm every month. Each Algorithm will have changes for how to increase Rank or the like.

In the early days, PageRank was patented with the principle that links from Webiste became a trust. So, suppose you, as a website owner, put a lot of links to another website, the website will be more trusted. The more, the more likely the PageRank value you will get.

Know the Meaning of Page-Rank

Page Rank is a patented Algorithm designation to determine which website is more important and higher than other websites. Page Rank is arguably the main feature of the google search engine which of course was created by Google itself, namely Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Page Rank usually provides the value of the website that you create to show how good the website you are making.

In posting your link you also cannot be arbitrary in the meaning that there are provisions that you must obey right away. One of them is the Website with which you link is not a Spam, Pornography or the like Website. It would be better if you put a link on a website that has always been trusted and of course with clean content.

There are several factors that affect PageRank, for example Anchor Text or it can be called keywords and of course Internal Links. Anchor Text is the word that you focus on in increasing the Page Rank. Suppose you focus on the Anchor Text “Soccer Shirt” then later you have to focus on increasing the Page Rank with the Anchor. Actually, Google’s Algorithm used to focus on Anchor Text in the sense that the more links that are installed in the Anchor Text, the more likely it is that your website will go up. But you also have to know that Google is always updating their Page Rank.

Then Internal Link, this is also one of the factors that affect Page Rank. Internal link is a link that connects two pages or articles on the same website. For example, if you contact Article A with Article B using a link, it is called an Internal Link. Until now, Internal Links are still used as an important factor for websites to appear on Google searches.

Understand Google Page Rank

If you are a beginner who wants to understand Google Page Rank, then you are obliged to read the article that we will provide. What exactly is Google Page Rank? In short, Page Rank is a website level that will appear every time you search for a word on Google. Google will usually make Rankings from Most Relevant to Average for each word you search for.

Page Rank will generally assess whether a website has quality in terms of good content and material or not. Suppose the website has a football shirt theme, Google will assess whether the website has content in accordance with the theme provided. The more quality the Website with the desired theme, the greater Google’s confidence in increasing the value of your website.

Perhitungan Page Rank

Technically, Google Page Rank does not have a definite way of increasing it and will always be updated by Google itself. However, there are several factors that you can use to be able to increase your PageRank and one of them is a Revelant Link, which can be linked to other websites or can be called a Backlink.

Simply put, if you put a link on a website that is high, it is likely that your website will also go up. In installing Backlinks, you also cannot be arbitrary because the website that is paired later must also be in accordance with the theme used on your website.

Apart from backlinks, several other points must also be considered in order to increase Page Rank, namely understanding SEO or Optimization, the power of Social Media, various types of comments and traffic from visitors to your website pages. Traffic here also applies to how long it takes visitors to enter your site. For those of you who are still beginners in building a website in business or other matters.

You can just hire SEO services that are very popular these days. But for beginners who want to learn too, you can try to improve your website with the ones we mentioned above such as installing backlinks, optimizing the website as best as possible and looking for traffic by sharing links on today’s social media.

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